Three Messages from Death

This past month or so has been a learning one for me. It was a month to learn new lessons; new powerful life lessons.

My teacher came in the form of Death.

First with the death of a family member, not a close one, but still it came as an awakening. I think it was meant to be a warm up for me, because Death came knocking in a big way when our eldest fur baby, Campion, was taken from us very suddenly a few weeks ago. Campion got sick. We went to the vet. I didn’t really think much of it. It was hard. It was unpleasant, but he has been sick before. Well, two days later, we found out he had cancer and would continue to suffer. We made a very hard decision to send him off to eternal slumber.

The death of our sweet little lion is a reminder to live life like it is the only chance you get – because it is. This moment is the only chance I will get to live this moment, is this what I want to be doing with my short life? Message No. 1: Ask yourself if this is what you want to be doing on a daily basis. If the answer is no, do something about it.

“Being around the dead will remind you that there is nothing to fear from the dead,” Dr. Bob said, “and remind you to get on with the living.” From My Year with Eleanor: A Memoir by Noelle Hancock.

We don’t want Death to come knocking. But it will. This is inevitable. The best thing we can do is to meet it with grace. The only way to do that is to remember to live. If you have regret, you will not meet Death in an easy way. It will be hard and painful. I learned this with Campion – do not have regrets. Message No. 2: Love and live your life to its fullest because you never know when Death’s carriage (or corvette) will come to pick you up for your final ride.

Death is asking me, with these brief visits, if I am living the life I want to be living. Am I contributing what I am most capable of giving? Am I sharing my gifts with the world? Am I living with purpose? Am I living with joy and having fun while giving?

These lessons are hard to hear. Why? Because we are often not living to our fullest potential.


As I think of Campion, my wise teacher, I feel love and gratitude for the love he has shared with me and brought to my life. Now it is my job to live a life that expresses that love – for others and most importantly for myself.

I still cry a little bit each day

I think of him and his loving gaze

I still miss him and his one of a kind personality.

I love him, perhaps more now, for being such a wise teacher.


Remember to live. Remember to love. Do what makes you smile and don’t forget to take time to love a fur baby!


This topic is a little out of the box. Message No. 3: This is the only way to live. 

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