Empower Yourself: Listen Now!

Close your eyes and listen. This isn’t much of a video because this song is from 1977 – but I think you will agree that these lyrics have power and meaning still for us today.

It is important to listen and to listen in a mindful way. We can learn to raise our voice and express our concerns in a compassionate way in these complicated times. We can be heard if we speak from a place of sincere originality and heartfelt concern for our fellow humans.

. . . . Is it any wonder you’ve got no power
When you pay a thief to keep it for you?
Is it a surprise that your wine is sour
When you let a liar choose the brew he pours you?
Talk on the wire about force and choice
It’s uncomfortable to raise your voice . . .

-Phil Manzanera

I invite you to listen to this song as a way to kick-start your living with fear process and to post below any insights you gain when you listen to your own true self as well as those around you.

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