Let’s See Action: Let’s See Freedom

This song is an oldie but a goodie, as my father would say. I had to include Let’s See Action as part of my living with fear and taking action series. If you haven’t already read the first blog post in this series, check it out here.

After we have come face to face with our fear and sat with it by letting it be, it is time to take action.

As things get more and more complicated in our world, sometimes we have to speak up and do something about it. Once we have wisely sat with our thoughts and fears and watched them in our lives, it is time to take compassionate wise action.

Let’s see action
Let’s see people
Let’s see freedom
Let’s see who cares

–       The Who

What are you going to do to stand up for yourself and your beliefs?

What are you going to do to move closer to freedom – for yourself and for others?

How are you going to show your compassion?

Love Your Life More!

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