Giving Thanks Every Day of the Year

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I love the practice of giving thanks and I also love cooking a yummy vegan meal for my family as a way to spread the love. Yet, year after year, this holiday gets turned into a weekend of shopping deals instead of a holiday of giving thanks. Sure, we can be grateful for saving some pennies on that new TV, but that isn’t the gratitude practice I am talking about here. Read on to learn more.


Thanksgiving is the holiday that reminds us that giving thanks should be an every-day-of-the-year event.


The best way to implement this lesson is to make your gratitude practice a part of your daily or weekly life. Part of my morning ritual is to write down 5 things that I am grateful for from the day before. This practice also works great as a way to end your day before sleep, or on a weekly basis to wrap up your weekend. This daily practice is something I recommend as a tool for my clients because science shows that gratitude is a way to stay healthy. If you want to learn more about the science check this out, What the Brain Reveals about Gratitude.

We can all benefit from more gratitude building! Last year I put a spin on gratitude. Want to see how you can really dial-up gratitude? Check out Gratitude and Boldness and learn more about being grateful now and into the new year.

Giving thanks is a great way to lift spirits and show us life isn’t so bad. Keep giving thanks and you will create a lasting feeling of love . . . something those pennies saved at the Black Friday sales can’t do.

Save your energy this weekend and enjoy a sleep in if you can. Stay home with family and friends and extend the Thanksgiving message of gratitude and love beyond today into the weekend.  I leave you with a dose of loving-kindness because I am grateful to you and the support you offer me.

May you be happy and healthy.

May you be free from pain.

May you be safe and protected.

May you live with ease.

Do you already have a daily or weekly gratitude practice? Leave a comment below and tell us how it has changed your life.

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