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Are you burnt out, stressed out and even a little bit bored with life?

Are you someone who has way too many things on your to-do list this week, well, every week really?

Are you a creative person who hasn’t picked up your creative tool in days, weeks or even months?

Yes? Then I have just the thing to help you. I was someone who answered HELL, YES to all of the above once upon a time (and to be honest I still do from time to time) and I needed some help to survive my exhausting life. Over time I tried out different things and found that I had options. There are things that really help create joy and combat burn-out. There are things to do when all you can say to yourself is “Life has become endless chores and not enough fun.” (Yes, just like Jack in The Shining, except without the horror and gore!”

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Oh la la. So many fun things to do! I was feeling in a rut, a bit down and looking for something to do, or else I would be stuck indoors for another weekend. The 99 Mischievous Ways to Live Like an Adventurer…caught my eye. And as I read through the suggestions and tips of fun things to do, I could feel my shoulders relax as I started to smile at the different creative suggestions on offer. There were so many things I hadn’t thought of doing, some felt outside my “comfort zone” yet as I continued to go through the suggestions, I found myself saying “why not…give it a go…. you can do this”… Nothing fancy just simple tips to help broaden your horizons and remind you to play and have fun. Definitely recommend you read it, especially if you are feeling, like me, tired, and stuck in a rut and looking for something playful, fun and creative to do.

–     Ntathu A., London, England

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Mischief Manifesto

I created a fun little poster to help you remember to have fun and be a little mischievous from time to time by doing what you want when you want!

Download my free Mischief Manifesto when you sign up for my monthly newsletter! Print it out and pick one of inspirational sayings to get you through your difficult day.

Put this poster on your desk wall or fridge door. Anywhere you will see it on a daily basis so you remember to have fun and be creative.

Here is what other creative professionals are saying about the Mischief Manifesto:

I love your manifesto!  It made me smile to read some of the lines, like “dance more.”  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened it but I did find it empowering and inspiring.  It has a way of shutting down the more cynical parts of my brain, allowing me to hope and dream, which is refreshing.”
-Jamie L., Honolulu, Hawaii


I liked reading all the different mantras. I thought it was very inspirational. I thought that each saying had something different to add to life. I liked how you touched on following your dreams, being truthful to yourself, taking care of yourself, giving yourself an opportunity to be creative and allowing yourself to have play time. They’re all things we readily dismiss as adults. It reminded me of those motivational art pieces that had inspirational words with corresponding images. I used to love those. I think it’s a good tool to provide someone who is seeking to have some positive mantras in their daily life.

-William A., Monrovia, CA

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