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CompassWhat is life coaching?

Life coaching is a journey towards well-being. A life coach serves as your personal guide, cheerleader, and support on that journey.

But let’s clear up a common misconception: a coach isn’t a mentor or an advice columnist. As a life coach, I’m here to help you figure out your own goals and choose the best path for you to achieve them. I won’t tell you what your goals should be or plan out your life for you. I will, however, use a variety of tools and techniques to help you gain insight into who you are, what you want, and how to make changes that will lead you on a journey filled with purpose, joy, and creativity.

Ultimately, life coaching is an investment in yourself…with a little help, and tough love, from a coach who is rooting for you.


How is life coaching different from therapy? Which should I choose?

When you want to get into shape to build muscle and stamina, you go to a personal trainer. When you’re sick or have been seriously injured, you go to a doctor. That, in a nutshell, is the difference between life coaching and therapy. Life coaching is intended to replace stress and dissatisfaction with a healthy mindset that achieves goals. Therapy is intended to relieve trauma.

So if you’re feeling stressed and/or dissatisfied about how you’re living your life, or you’re overwhelmed by how to achieve your goals – see the answer to “When should I hire a life coach?” below – then life coaching is for you.

But if you’re experiencing depression and/or suicidal thoughts, addictions, phobias, or are otherwise suffering from psychological distress that makes it difficult for you to live your life on a daily basis, please consider consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist. Life coaching is not the right tool for you at this junction. Clinical professionals can provide you with the appropriate therapy to support your mental health.


How does life coaching work?

Life coaching consists of one-on-one conversations – typically by phone or Skype – and draws on tools and techniques that will help you get in touch with your values, your creativity, and your drive to live a purposeful and joyful life. Further supporting our conversations are exercises and assignments for you to do between sessions, all designed to help move you towards achieving your goals.

We’ll begin with a free 30-minute orientation session to answer any questions you may have, confirm that life coaching is right for you, and allow me to get to know you better so you can come flying out from our coaching sessions. After the “Trip Planning Session,” we’ll move on to one of the three packages you select – the Touring the Sky Package or Fly High Rally. You can read about these here.

Sessions for coaching packages are best scheduled every 1-2 weeks for consistent accountability and momentum.


How can life coaching help me?

Life coaching is a collaborative journey designed to help you:

  • Set and achieve goals.
  • Tune in to your values.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Become more joyful.
  • Gain greater peace of mind.
  • Live your life with purpose – your purpose.

It’s not about marking your itinerary on the map. It’s about getting you oriented so you know where you are and what’s around you, and using that insight to make your own travel plans on that great big winding road of life.

And in case you were wondering . . . .

Mischief Coaching: This is my new approach to life. My coaching isn’t mischievous, but I will use my tool kit to help you bring more mischief into your life. Why would you want this? You want this if you seek more adventure, fun, and joy by living outside of the box and going against the grain. Do you feel like in order to be true to yourself you have to sell out? Do you feel the real you is hiding inside? If this describes you, then it means you want and need some mischief in your life. Let’s get together and uncover your creatively mischief self and help them to fly high and free!

When should I hire a coach?

You should hire a life coach when…

…you feel dissatisfied, sluggish, or otherwise uninspired with your career, your relationships, or any other aspect of your life, and want something better, but don’t know what that “something” is. Through insightful exercise and discussions designed to bring you insight, I’ll help you figure out where you want to go based on where you are now.

…you know what you want, but are confused and overwhelmed about how to achieve your goals. Maybe you want a new career. Maybe you’re getting married. Maybe you’re moving to another country…whatever it is, life coaching can help you manage the stress of transitions and figure out a path that will let you enjoy rather than dread the changes ahead of you.


How long does coaching take?

Life coaching is meant to get your car off the shoulder and back on the open road in a finite amount of time. It’s not meant to create a long-term dependency, but rather to give you the confidence and skills you need to drive around whatever obstacles you might encounter. While the length of time will vary based on your needs, coaching typically takes between 2 to 6 months to produce tangible changes.


Do you guarantee results?

Like anything in life, results are not guaranteed. But you have a greater chance of living the life you want if you engage your coaching with an open-mind, put in the time and effort needed to change habits that are holding you back, and stay focused on figuring out and achieving your goals. Your commitment to the life coaching journey is essential. The good news is that you won’t be alone; I’ll be right by your side to help you.


Will our sessions be private?

Absolutely. I take your privacy very seriously, and our sessions will be kept strictly confidential.


Who drew your website’s illustrations and snapped your photographs?

I’m happy to acknowledge graphic designer Lee Robson Spence and photographer Kara Frans for their fantastic work.


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