Dance Like You Want to Have Fun

Do you feel better when you dance a little dance from time to time? I know that I do. Dance can be a great way to have more fun and release stress – and it is free! Can’t get much better than that.

Dance like you want to have fun and you will have fun. Guaranteed!

Here is a great 80’s video of a song that is all about dancing and it is great for getting those feet moving! Today is the anniversary of David Bowie’s birthday so I wanted to share something from his great career with you today. As my favorite artist, I often turn to his work when I want to dance. I hope you have fun with this one – looks like Bowie and Jagger certainly had fun making it!

Dancing is a key ingredient to a fun life.


Your mood can be changed instantly when you start to move.

Dancing can be one of the easiest ways to get back in touch with our bodies – and it is fun and energetic too. Get your feet moving and your heart pumping to really feel alive and change that frown to a smile! Even if you don’t feel like dancing, dance like your life depends on it and you will change the way you feel.

Listening to music and not dancing is a great place to start . . . but I invite you to go all out and start dancing in the streets! and if that is too much for you, then dancing in your own living room is the way to go! And do NOT forget to shake that booty like there is no tomorrow – just like these two do! If you want to be reminded of all the reasons why we should get up and dance then check out this post to learn more.

When I was working in a corporate office I could be caught dancing around my desk or in the halls from time to time. Some songs are just too catchy to not start moving – even when you are in a grey office on a grey day on a blue Monday morning. Trust me – dancing for only a minute or two can change your perspective. It worked for me. My day went from toxic to happy instantly – and guess what, my smile was contagious too!

One of my earlier posts about dancing changing my mood with another fav song can get your body moving. I can’t listen to it without shaking my shoulders or tapping my foot. Take a listen. It is a great song about

I dare you to get up and dance to one of your favorite songs – especially in the morning. Do this every Monday to start your week out on the right foot. Bet it will change the way your day goes – from “I don’t like Mondays” (another great song – look it up!) to “I love life” and “I am ready to conquer the world!”

Photo by George Bohunicky on Unsplash

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