Use the “Creative” Force to Overcome Fear

In last week’s post, we discussed how you can live with fear and learn to act despite the fear. This week we are going to dive into the first two steps – Face to Face and Let It Be.

First, in case you didn’t catch it, “Face to Face” is a song. It is one of my favorites and it is from Siouxsie and The Banshees. And “Let It Be” is a fav from The Beatles. If you want to take a listen to get inspired, check out my Monday Moves posts Let it Be: Ride the Wave of Life and Face to Face with Compassion where I shared some inspirational thoughts and videos for these great songs.

Action – no matter what area of life – takes creativity. Some of us use more creativity to solve problems than others, but it is still there, all the time. Creativity is part of life. It is what makes it juicy and fun and meaningful. So how do we bring in more creativity when we are afraid of change and the unknown outcome of being creative – we do it anyway! Let’s dive deeper into the first steps so that you can start to move forward with confidence and love.

 “I have come to understand that creativity and fear will forever be linked — because creativity always asks us to move in directions of unknown outcome, and fear HATES unknown outcomes.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Some of us are ready to be creative and mix things up, but it is scary and hard and unknown. Expressing yourself is an important part of a fulfilling life so I want to encourage you to do what you are most afraid of. I want to encourage you to act – to do more than sign that online petition!

How can you use your creative force to change what you don’t like in the world?

What do you need to do to embrace the fear and act now?

Let’s answer this last one now.

You need to start loving your fear and letting it ride beside you – everywhere you go. You need to stare it in the eyes like it is your date on Valentine’s Day and hold its hand and tell it that you love it and will always be there for it – but you don’t agree with it and you want to act. Tell your fear that your creative compassionate action will make the world a better place. Then follow these 12 steps:

  1. Sit down with pen and paper (or a keyboard and screen if you swing that way)
  2. Set a timer for 15 minutes.
  3. Take a deep breath or two or three.
  4. Send glowing loving energy to all the cells in your body.
  5. Ask yourself what action you want to take right now to change the world.
  6. Why haven’t you done something about it yet?
  7. Start writing – or typing.
  8. Keep going until all 15 minutes have passed.
  9. Make sure you really purge your fears and take more time if needed. (Things are crazy out there right now, so purge away)
  10. Now, with that done, take another deep breath.
  11. Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big warm hug.
  12. Put this list away and go do something fun and playful.

Congratulations for doing the first step. It can be scary, so give yourself some space and forgiveness right now.

Let it Be.

When you are ready to go face to face with this list, review your notes and see which fears repeat or areas of focus keep coming up.

  • Is there something big and important that stands out?
  • Is there an area of life that is stagnant because of fears on this list?
  • Is there something you have wanted to do that you haven’t been able to do?
  • Is there something that really resonates with you right now?

Sit with your list and your answers to these questions. Just be with these thoughts and fears. Spend time with them and be loving and compassionate towards them. Don’t try to run away from the fear. Don’t try to force action where you found fear. Let it be . . . for as long as it takes . . .but the key is knowing when too long is too much. Join me in my next blog post as I help you answer this very question and work on a few more steps in this plan of action to living with fear.

Love Your Life More!

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