Gratitude and Boldness

Since it is Thanksgiving here in the States, I wanted to write about gratitude. Then I talked myself out of it because I figured everyone else would be doing the same. Then I talked myself back into it because I feel that gratitude is very important to our well-being and appreciation for life. So, I decided to go for it . . . but I needed a spin. So my spin is boldness. My suggestion for gratitude is to be bold with it.

Here are four ways you can be bold with gratitude:

  • You can give back to your friends and family by doing something they would totally appreciate but never expect you to do for them.
  • You can offer your favorite non-profit your time, not just your money.
  • If you feel you don’t have the time, share way more money in your donation than you normally would. Like double.
  • You can share compliments and words of gratitude with your co-workers that far exceed what you normally share. (Don’t get me wrong – don’t scare anyone, just aim to make them really happy.)

I invite you to live boldly by carrying this gratitude practice into the new year.

There is no reason why Thanksgiving has to be the only time of year you are friendly to strangers or offer to do things for others as thanks for their kindness. Be more grateful and you will find that you are living more boldly – and by living more boldly you will find you are more you than usual.

How are you going to be boldly grateful in the coming weeks and months?

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