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Commander Pott said firmly, “That’s no way to treat adventures. Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes,’ otherwise, you’ll lead a very dull life.“– Ian Fleming, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang

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Coach Mel

Steering my car towards a more mischievous life has lead me here to you. As I bring in more freedom, flexibility and adventure I move closer to the life I dream of. Trust me; I didn’t always live this way.

Map out your route and destination. Drive on the straight and narrow. And always remember: the scenic route is good for a distraction, but it’s not the road to your destination.

That’s what I believed growing up in Los Angeles. Go to school. Get an education. Stay focused on a career to pay the bills, buy a house, own a car, and get “stuff.” So I played it safe with a steady, corporate job in architecture. Things like creativity, curiosity and connection took a back seat to the important task of “making a living” and “doing the right thing.” Any ideas I had about travelling different roads faced fear after fear of stepping outside of my very square box.

I wasn’t supposed to feel unsatisfied, but in time I had to admit that I just wasn’t fulfilled by a lifestyle defined by my career and society’s definition of what life should look like. The constant stress and fatigue of living up to standards that felt wrong took a literal and painful toll on my body, and left me too drained to pursue other interests. When I came across a copy of my favorite childhood book, Ian Fleming’s Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, I realized my life had become all about saying “no” to adventures. My car definitely didn’t fly.

Does this sound at all familiar to you?

Then I experienced the benefits of life coaching for myself.

I took a deep, honest look at myself. To my surprise, I recognized that I hadn’t always resisted adventures.

By overcoming the expectations and hang-ups I collected over the years, I reconnected with the curiosity I had as a child. It turns out that I hadn’t lost it. I just kept it hidden, like luggage in the trunk of a car. The irony is that even as an adult, my creative side kept peeking through when I explored fulfilling activities like dancing, photography, and yoga. I even got a certificate in wine tasting! I just needed to see those moments for what they were: signposts on the road to once again saying “yes” to adventures.

Certified-smAs I transformed my mindset and approach to life, I felt better in my body and freer in my outlook. I slowly incorporated what I call a mischievous way. I’ve come to appreciate the scenic route. I embraced mindfulness and minimalism as values to live by along with curiosity and a willingness to embrace the unconventional.  My car finally has wings. On this journey, I discovered a knack for listening, mentoring and teaching. People came to me for a different perspective on their own challenges. That’s when I found my North Star pointing the way to becoming a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, as well as a trained Valerie Young “Profiting from Your Passions” coach to allow me to guide you on your own transformative journey.

So here I am today, a life coach dedicated to helping you navigate your own road of life as the driver of a magical, winged, soaring car!

My goal: Help you ignite your rebel spark and transform a life on autopilot to a life lived with purpose, imagination, and joy. A life I call the mischievous way – because these things are now against the grain of what western society calls a “successful” life. Let me motivate, support, and guide while you transform your life on auto-pilot to your adventurous and fun outside of the box life!

Chitty, chitty, bang, bang!

~ Coach Mel

I think you make a great coach! I remember the times you put me at ease when I was feeling distraught with personal and career problems. I am forever grateful to you for taking the time to hear me out.
– Emilio P. from New York City, New York


I definitely recommend Coach Mel – her simple tools are helpful in major ways. She allowed me to visualize certain thoughts and feelings. As a visual person, it helped me see images associated with particular emotions. As a result, I’ve noticed a change in my life: the ability to recognize “moments” and address them almost immediately before my typical unthoughtful reaction escalates.
– Rita S. from Los Angeles, California


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